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This Company is developped through years of experience in Tree-felling.

Since about. 1983, I have been felling all kinds and sizes of trees, in gardens and in the forests, mostly to be used for firewood.

Around 1995, I began to do simpel Topcutting, where the space was too narrow for ordinary felling.

Since about. 1996 I mainly worked with everything within advanced Topcutting and difficult felling.  See Topcutting

Apart from topcutting, a lot of our time is used for special-pruning, which means careful pruning in the treetops without the use of lifts and spurs, typically we use this for safetypruning/removal of dead branches above playgrounds, walkways houses etc.

A lot like safetypruning, we also perform ordinary  pruning in the treetop, often this is done due to the customers wish to reduce the tree size, or to open up the treetop to improve the light-penetration.




For once without work-clothes.

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